1.  Overview

      The line printer system supports:

Raster output devices such as a Varian or Versatec, and laser printers such as an Imagen, are also supported by the line printer system.

      The line printer system consists mainly of the following files and commands:

/etc/printcap   printer configuration and capability data base
/usr/lib/lpd    line printer daemon, does all the real work
/usr/ucb/lpr    program to enter a job in a printer queue
/usr/ucb/lpq    spooling queue examination program
/usr/ucb/lprm   program to delete jobs from a queue
/etc/lpc        program to administer printers and spooling queues
/dev/printer    socket on which lpd listens
The file /etc/printcap is a master data base describing line printers directly attached to a machine and, also, printers accessible across a network. The manual page entry printcap(5) provides the authoritative definition of the format of this data base, as well as specifying default values for important items such as the directory in which spooling is performed. This document introduces some of the information that may be placed printcap.