* UNIX is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. in the US and some other countries.

* See Internet Transport Protocols, Xerox System Integration Standard (XSIS)028112 for more information. This document is almost a necessity for one trying to write NS applications.

** In the UNIX domain, in fact, the semantics are identical and, as one might expect, pipes have been implemented internally as simply a pair of connected stream sockets.

* The manifest constants are named AF_whatever as they indicate the ``address format'' to use in interpreting names.

* Note that, although the tendency here is to call the ``addr'' structure ``sun'', doing so would cause problems if the code were ever ported to a Sun workstation.

* To be more specific, a return takes place only when a descriptor is selectable, or when a signal is received by the caller, interrupting the system call.

* Courier: The Remote Procedure Call Protocol, XSIS 038112.

* One must, however, be concerned about ``loops''. That is, if a host is connected to multiple networks, it will receive status information from itself. This can lead to an endless, wasteful, exchange of information.

* An example of such a system call is the gethostname(2) call which returns the host's ``official'' name.